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GlutaFrosta Ingredients


Helps prevent or slow cell damage (Anti-Oxidant). The compound has an anti-oxidation reduction reaction occurring at the cellular level (Mitochondrial anti-oxidant). It works more efficiently with Vitamin C and E. Additionally, L-Glutatione helps protecting the tissues of every organ to not deteriorate too quickly. To do so, it resists free radicals accumulated in various organs.


Reduces the chance to get infected by virus, bacteria, and the allergy substance throughout the body. Additionally, Acerola cherry helps maintaining skin’s lymphocyte cells from damaging. Therefore, the cell can move faster to catch disease. It can also help synthesizing of collagen which is necessary for the skin tissues and contributing to firm up skin, reduce wrinkles.


Is an anti-oxidant which eliminates free radicals and protects cell wall in the body. Pine bark extract helps raking care of skin aging and protects skin cell from harmful UV rays as well. Moreover, it strengthens blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow which helps delivering oxygen to all body parts.


Consists of massive Lycopene which helps slowing the degeneration of skin cells. It causes the skin to be beautiful. It fights against the creation of blemish and freckles effectively. Additionally, it also protects skin from UVA and UVB to be able to better resist sun ray. Existing wrinkle, dull dark skin, dry skin becomes healthier, cleaner, clearer and firmer.


Is an anti-oxidant which protects the body from free radicals. It is caused by the body combustion process or by the pollution from the environment around us. This means that the cell can deteriorate and malfunction.


Is another anti-oxidant which protects skin from damage caused by skin allergies. It also reduces the formation of pigment (Melanin) which is the cause of dull dark skin. Vitamin E prevents the forceful transformation of fat cell in the body. Additionally, Not only Vitamin E help nourishing and moisturizing skin, but also help reducing inflammation and the harm caused by UV rays.


Helps preventing the formation of oxidation which makes free radicals damage skin cells. CoQ10 frequently found in the epidermis over the dermis skin layer, thereby eliminating free radicals which cause wrinkles and dark smoke skin.


Improve the performance of Glutathione. It helps get rid of toxins in the body and inflammation causing acne. Moreover, it helps existing inflammation acne not to spread out. Alpha-Liopic Acid works well with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other anti-oxidents to make the body cell working properly. Alpha-Lipoic acid helps clean and purify the skin by eliminating waste from the body. Thus, it can prevent acne and improve the circulation of blood to the whole body. So the skin will get the nutrients needed to nourish and help skin look brighter.


Help body to create antioxidant enzymes. It works together with Vitamin C which helps repair the genes that may change. It also inhibits the function of enzyme Tysinase from changing to Dopaquinone which affects the less of melanin. This makes the skin lighter and brighter.


Is an important component of collagen protein. The structure of collagen protein is composed of Glycine to a third. If the body is deprived of Glycine or insufficient, body cannot repair worn parts or cure injury. It also stimulates growth hormone to the body to synthesize protein.


Stimulates the creation of growth hormone. The hormone stimulates the body to synthesize protein. Additionally, it also helps stimulating the immune system to heal the wounds faster and detoxifying. All these make the skin bright and shine.


Solves the problem of acne. Patients with skin disorder usually have the level of zinc below the standard. The mineral zinc stimulates the immune system to treat and cures acne and scars from acne. Therefore, the mineral zinc can help treating acne or not is depended on whether the body has sufficient zinc or not.





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